Sell My Home As Is in Chicago, Illinois

Sell My Home As Is in Chicago, Illinois

Request A Fair Cash Offer For Your Home In Less Than 8 Minutes

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Have you ever found yourself looking online for searches such as “How Much Can I Sell My House For In Chicago?” or “How To Sell My House Fast For Cash In Chicago”?

Well, you’re not alone. Every year we help hundreds of home-owners just like yourself find the price that their home is worth if they wanted to sell it fast and for cash. The agents from Chicago Real Estate Agents can help you find a cash investor in as little as 8 minutes!

The process of selling your house as is in Chicago can be a complete disaster if you don’t have the proper resources to list and place your home in front of motivated buyers. On the other hand, selling your home fast for cash can be as simple as speaking to our staff and allowing us to connect you with our own in-house real estate investors that are ready to buy your house fast for cash in Chicago, Illinois.

We Buy Homes As Is, Fast For Cash In Chicago, Illinois.

Homes That We Buy

If you plan on taking the traditional route when selling your home, you can expect to spend most of your time waiting on your agent or realtor, fee’s and lost money being paid out for agent commissions, and the possibility of escrow not closing.

Or you can request for a cash offer for your home under “as-is” condition in as little as 8 minutes today. The process is absolutely free of charge and nothing is legally closed until you sign the documents. With us, you can take as much time as you need, knowing that our offer will stand for your home.

Here’s How You Can Sell Your House As Is In Chicago Fast!

Being in the industry for the past 15 years, we’ve figured out a foolproof plan to get your home sold in as little as one week and an offer on your home sent out in less than 48 hours.

Our process is simple and reassuring for home-owners that don’t want to waste their time with sales dominant realtors, extra expenses on their home repairs, and months of waiting on their home to sell without 100% confidence.

Step 1.) Contact Us Today By Calling Or Submitting Your Information On Our Website

Once you’ve requested to speak to one of our company’s cash buying investors, we will ask you a series of questions to complete your home evaluation application. Once that has been completed, we will give you a pre-offer, but scheduling a home walkthrough will be required before we can submit your final offer.

Step 2.) We Visit Your Home To Complete The Evaluation For A Cash “As Is” Offer

Our cash offer, home buying specialists will visit your home to complete a mandatory walkthrough of your home. Based off of the condition of your home, repairs that are needed and the average market price, they’ll be able to write you up an offer then and there.

Step 3.) You Get To Pick Your Closing Date For Selling Your Chicago Home As Is For Cash

The process is as simple as 1-2-3 and with our experience in the industry, once you get your documents signed over for finalization, your home can be sold within days. You never pay any additional fees, you never have to cover the repairs that are needed and most importantly, you’ll never have to pay a single cent towards real estate agent commission fees.

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  • Albany Park
  • Andersonville
  • Archer Heights
  • Ashburn
  • Auburn Gresham
  • Avalon Park
  • Avondale
  • Back of the Yards
  • Belmont Cragin
  • Beverly
  • Bridgeport
  • Brighton Park
  • Bronzeville
  • Bucktown
  • Burnside
  • Calumet Heights
  • Chatham
  • Chinatown
  • Clearing
  • Dunning
  • East Side
  • Edgewater
  • Edison Park
  • Englewood
  • Forest Glen
  • Gage Park
  • Galewood
  • Garfield Ridge
  • Gold Coast
  • Greater Grand Crossing
  • Greektown
  • Hegewisch
  • Hermosa
  • Homan Square
  • Humboldt Park
  • Hyde Park
  • Irving Park
  • Jefferson Park
  • Kenwood
  • Lake View
  • Lincoln Park
  • Lincoln Square
  • Little Italy
  • Little Village
  • Logan Square
  • The Loop
  • Magnificent Mile
  • McKinley Park
  • Morgan Park
  • Mount Greenwood
  • Near North Side
  • Near West Side
  • New City
  • North Park
  • O’Hare
  • Old Town
  • Pilsen
  • Printer’s Row
  • Pullman
  • River North
  • Riverdale
  • Robert Taylor Homes
  • Rogers Park
  • Sauganash
  • South Chicago
  • South Deering
  • South Shore
  • Streeterville
  • Ukrainian Village
  • Uptown
  • Washington Heights
  • Washington Park
  • West Elsdon
  • West Ridge
  • West Town
  • Wicker Park
  • Woodlawn
  • Wrigleyville
  • And much more!


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Reasons Why You Should Sell Your Chicago House “As Is” For Cash

We’ve shown you our process and how simple it can be to sell your home as-is for cash, but you still don’t believe us? Here’s a list of reasons why it makes more sense to request for an offer on your home by our real estate investors today:

  1. You never pay a single cent towards the necessary repairs that need to go into the house.
  2. You never pay commission fees for any realtors that are assisting you.
  3. You’re able to get the money that you need, FAST, and on your time. If you’re not ready, the offer still stands on the table and is waiting for you to make the move.

Trust us, when we say that we buy homes in Chicago, that’s exactly what we do. Don’t waste any more time and request for a free quote by our Real Estate Agents in Chicago today.

8 Ways to Boost Property Value Before You Sell Your Home

selling home as is for cash

If you want to sell your home for as much money as possible, here are 8 ways to boost your home and property value before you put it on the market.

In 2017, about 5.5 million existing homes were sold in the U.S.

Want yours to be on the 2018 list this year?

You can increase your chances of selling by ramping up your property value with our comprehensive list of 8 ways to boost your property value before you sell your home.

1. Upgrade Your Kitchen

Just think about it, which room do you spend the most time in besides maybe the living room?

Which room provides the source of food, something everyone needs and wants?

You got it.

The heart of your home is the kitchen.

Because of this, it’s no wonder having an updated and efficient kitchen is a number one characteristic most home buyers look for when purchasing.

However, this being said, it’s vital to keep in mind that completely redoing your kitchen is not the best way to increase your return on investment when it comes to selling your home.

You can ramp up the value of your house by making a few choice renovations to the existing kitchen you already have.

Big value-boosters that won’t break the bank include:

  • Stainless steel appliances
    • While stainless steel is definitely not a new invention, (it’s been around for decades), it gives off a modern and updated feel.
    • Stainless steel looks sleek and clean, allowing your kitchen to appear more contemporary to potential buyers.
  • Quartz vs. Granite Countertops
    • Granite has been king when it comes to kitchens but has recently met a real challenger in quartz countertops.
    • High-end kitchens have begun using quartz made from resins, stone chips, and pigments because it is exceptional at handling cuts, scratches, heat, and stains.
    • Upkeep is simple.

Making wise kitchen updates, instead of complete remodels will go a long way in attracting buyers.

2. Go Green

With more millennials looking to buy homes as of late, going green will be a huge asset.

According to a 2018 survey by the National Association of Realtors, energy efficiency is one of the top qualities that most influence potential home buyers, especially those below 55.

Increasing energy efficiency can be accomplished as simply as switching to LED lights or adding in a few energy efficient windows.

3. Consider Seniors or the Disabled

If you’re a first-time home seller, ensuring your home is compatible for the elderly or disabled may not have been your first thought.

But in 20 years, thanks to the baby-boomer generation, about 20% of the population will be senior citizens.

A few ways to appeal to this large market of potential home-buyers include:

  • Walk-in showers with no barrier that requires stepping-over
  • Shower “seats”
  • Master bedrooms on the main floor
  • Higher toilets (these are easier to get up and down from)

4. Don’t Pass on the Paint

It’s an age-old tactic, but that’s for good reason.

One of the quickest and possibly less expensive ways to upgrade your property value is to add a fresh coat of paint to both your interior and exterior.

The important thing to remember with paint so as to make your home as “purchasable” as possible, is to use neutral color schemes.

This allows a broader potential buyer base to visualize themselves living there.

We also recommend using high-quality paints to ensure no trashy-looking peeling.

5. Curb Appeal

The truth is, potential home buyers will absolutely judge your home by its exterior.

While this is not the only aspect they will consider by a long shot, it’s the first thing they will notice and likely the last thing they will take away.

Be sure your exterior lighting is in good order, your bushes are trimmed, your grass is …green.

Your home’s exterior is another opportunity to improve your energy efficiency by replacing grass with native ground covers like rocks, pebbles, or pea gravel.

6. Hardwood Flooring

Lush carpeting used to be a sign of high-class living. (Remember the bright red shag carpet in your grandmother’s basement? That was in…once).

Carpet is becoming less and less appealing to the current home-buying demographic.

This is because the carpet is seen as high maintenance and many potential buyers are looking for a path of least housework.

Not only are hardwood floors less work, but they are generally good long-term.

If you can, updating your carpet to hardwood floor will do a lot for your property value and increase the likelihood of selling your home.

Choose a less expensive option like engineered hardwood that gives the same finished look like real hardwood but doesn’t wear as quickly or cost as much.

7. Simplify

When it comes to making your home more appealing, less is more.

Potential buyers walk through a home and look around trying to visualize themselves living there.

Where will their sofa go?

Will there be room for their lego collection?

You get the idea. So, if your home is over-crowded with, well, clutter, you’re making your home harder to sell.

To sell your home quicker, cut the clutter.

Besides, with the added value a tidy and crisp home will provide, odds are you’ll be moving out soon. Having less clutter will benefit you in this way too as you’ll need fewer moving boxes.

Simplifying is a house-selling win-win.

8. Let There Be Light!

Ok, this may be one of the best-underused methods of immediately ramping up your home’s value.

Light fixtures in a home are easy to replace and vital to the mood and impression you will give potential buyers.

Having a neon kitchen light from 1992 will not help your house sell.

However, going to Home Depot and investing a mere $100 in a contemporary light fixture can do wonders for any room.

Since we’re on the topic of light, make sure you open windows and blinds when potential buyers come to view the house. Letting more natural light into a room will help it appear larger and more comfortable.

If you have spaces with little natural light or your existing light fixtures just aren’t cutting it, add a tasteful floor or table lamp to help extend the appearance of the room.

Of course, be careful with too much lamp-adding. Remember tip #7…

That’s How to Sell Your Home Fast

Once you’ve got applied one or all of these property-boosting tips, it’s time to sell your home! However, all the sprucing up in the world won’t do you much good without a highly qualified and experienced realtor.

Check out our post on how to hire a realtor you won’t regret.


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