The New Movers Guide To Neighborhoods In Chicago

The New Movers Guide To Neighborhoods In Chicago

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Panoramic view of the Chicago skyline.

The New Mover’s Guide to Neighborhoods In Chicago

Moving to the Windy City without much familiarity with the area? Don’t fret. Check out this new mover’s guide to neighborhoods in Chicago

While Chicago has been slowly losing a small percentage of its population to the coasts, that’s great news for prospective buyers looking for a deal. As movers are causing rents to rise in New York, Houston, and Los Angeles, Chicago neighborhoods are spared from overcrowding. If you’re looking at different neighborhoods in Chicago to move to, you’ll find a lot of variety from block to block.

Here are five neighborhoods provided by our Real Estate Agents in Chicago that you should know in the city.

1. Uptown

Uptown is one of the broadest neighborhoods in the city of Chicago. It’s a large area that stretches above Boystown, Lakeview, and bumps up against Wrigley Field.

If you’re looking for good food, nice bars, and a short walk to the lake, this is the neighborhood for you. While it’s always had a steady population of people, it’s one of the areas that’s been growing in recent years. Mostly served by the Red Line, it’s a little out of the way for the people who spend their time on the west side or south of the loop.

If you like Vietnamese food, this is where you want to be. You’re going to find a wide variety of Asian, Ethiopian, and Middle Eastern cuisines all across the area.

For live music lovers, you’re close to some great venues that specialize in everything from rock to blues and jazz. You’ll be a stone’s throw from the Green Mill, popular for its jazz history and as one of Al Capone’s favorite hangouts.

If you need a little bit of space between yourself and the loop, this is the perfect locale. You’ll find the dwelling a bit spa

2. West Loop

Culture vultures take heed. If you’re looking for action, the west loop will be the perfect home for you.

Known in recent years for its massive lofts, it’s bustling art scene, and exciting restaurants, this is the closest thing you’ll find the Chelsea in Chicago. On a Friday night, you can hop from one gallery to the next and bump into critics from Artforum, legendary DJs, and restauranteurs rubbing elbows. Everyone from the savviest students to the vanguards of art, culture, and food can be found here.

You might have to get reservations to even your regular burger joint down here, but you won’t be disappointed. Thanks to the recent addition of the Morgan Ave green line station, it’s no longer a transit desert.

If you’re holding down a job in the loop, you can walk to work on a nice day. In the evening, you can take in a beer from one of the many still-existing dives or catch some music at one of the many dance nights and raves that still pop up.

No matter what age you are, if you’ve got a lust for life, this is the place for you.

3. Ukrainian Village/West Town

Ukrainian village is one of the cutest areas of Chicago. While it’s seen a lot of new construction, many of the old buildings remain and are still as sturdy as ever. These brick buildings range from single family homes to walk up apartments and duplexes.

You’ll find parks galore, easy walks to bustling shopping and dining areas like Wicker Park and Logan Square, and plenty of quiet streets. If your dream is to have just enough of a yard for a Pomeranian to make a kingdom and a short and easy walk to the Blue Line, you’ll love West Town.

West Town isn’t one of those neighborhoods that’s cool because of what outsiders have brought in. West Town is cool because of what it already has. While some people try to fake it, there’s no way to fake the real feeling of being in a neighborhood that some people have been in for generations.

Whether you’re there for a short while or planning to make your home, you’ll find shops, parks, bars, and restaurants to keep you entertained for years to come. Head on over to the Innertown Pub or Chipp Inn for an authentic Chicago feel.

4. Pilsen

Pilsen is a lovely neighborhood that’s been the home of a large population of Mexican families for the last few generations. You’ll find the National Museum of Mexican Art here as well as lots of delicious and unique restaurants.

While the neighborhood has faced difficult gentrification in recent years, long-time residents are still friendly and welcoming to newcomers. This is the kind of neighborhood that you should move to if you love Mexican food and culture. Immerse yourself in the local politics and social networks and you’ll find that it will reward you.

So long as you move here hoping to contribute to what the neighborhood has to offer, you’ll become a valued neighbor and a contributor to its already vibrant life. Block parties, street fairs, and cookouts are constant in this neighborhood, which gives you the perfect opportunity to rub elbows with your neighbors.

5. Hyde Park

Hyde Park is a neighborhood steeped in history, both recent and far gone.

If you have an interest in architecture, you’ll love Hyde Park for its several Frank Lloyd Wright houses. If you’re interested in new thought and politics, the various schools at the University of Chicago offer constant guest speakers and presentations.

On top of everything, you’ll see some of the most beautiful parks and lakeside views in all of the city. The nearby Hyde Park Art Center will bring all the culture of the world right to your doorstep.

While Hyde Park is a little bit harder to get to than other neighborhoods, if you’re near Lake Shore Drive, you’ll get express buses galore to bring you to the loop.

Neighborhoods in Chicago For Every Type

No matter what your personality type, there are neighborhoods in Chicago for you to choose from. While amenities will vary depending on what you’re looking for from your new home, you’ll find a lot to love about whatever neighborhood you choose.

If you’re looking to hire the perfect realtor, check out our guide for how to pick the perfect match.

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