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Who Is Medhi Movaffagh, Founder

I’ve been involved in Real Estate for over a decade. I actually made the decision to get my license while I was attending school at the University of Illinois.

My family always dabbled in Real Estate in Chicago, and the idea of a tangible asset was always intriguing to me. In 2009, the entire real estate market experienced a correction unlike anything else we will see in our lifetimes. While this was tragic for so many families, the education and experience I gained during this time, I believe is invaluable.

It was around this time, that I realized that I wanted to guide families and friends with their home purchases on a full-time basis. Through hundreds of Real Estate transactions, I’ve realized just how rewarding it is to guide a family through the purchase of their first home. Or to navigate a sale and purchase to close on the same day.

Over the last 3 years, my group has done over $50 million dollars in sales and thanks to a network of family, friends and their referrals, we are continuing to grow! Please contact me directly for any of your Real Estate needs.

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