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Our team of realtors can assist you or anyone that you may know who is interested in buying a home or selling their home today. Our agents can get you on average $2,500 more for your home and our listing fees are less than our competitors. Contact us to speak to one of our Chicago Real Estate Agents today.

Buying or selling a home in Chicago can be one of the most challenging and stressful journeys you may go through, but with us around, you won’t be alone. Our company has the latest and most advanced marketing technology in the market to ensure your experience with us will never be matched.

Chicago Real Estate Agents is a local family owned and operated business that has dedicated over 10 years to our local community. Why does this benefit you? This means that our listings are sold within the very same month on a consistent basis! just commission. Our real estate agents in Houston earned an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 based on their clients’ review.

We focus on customer service and experience at all times and never place a sale before our clients. We’re the highest-rated Real Estate company in Chicago for that very reason. You can find our testimonials on Yelp and Google Maps, we can promise you that our reviews can’t be beaten

So whether you’re making your first purchase as a home-buyer, planning to buy your next home or selling your current home, our company can help you along the way. Call now (847)732-9632

Recent 5-Star Testimonials

My entire experience from start to finish with the Chicago Real Estate Agents was incredibly simple and far from stressful. They were great to work with as a first time home buyer; they never forced me to do anything that I wasn’t comfortable with and took the time to explain every little step.

Joel NevarezFirst Time Home Buyer
The realtors at Chicago Real Estate Agents started helping me with my new home endeavors a few weeks ago. Since then they’ve shown me literally every home that’s on the market that matches my interests plus what my purchasing power will be able to afford. Fast, trustworthy, honest, they’re everything that you need in a great realtor. Highly recommend them.
Christopher KingstonFirst Time Home Buyer

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4 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Chicago Real Estate Agent

Experienced Locals

If you plan on moving to Chicago, chances are you’ll need expert advice from a local that knows the area well. Within the city of Chicago lies multiple neighborhoods that have vast differences in culture, restaurants, nightlife, views, and tourists.

Real Estate Agent Mehdi Mova has extensive knowledge throughout the greater Chicago area and has helped past clients find the home of their dreams while undergoing a simple and stress-free environment.

“I’ll personally show you every neighborhood within Chicago until you find the one that matches your tastes!”

Customer Service

We always place our client as the main priority in real estate. If our client is unhappy with the neighborhood that we have suggested, we’ll pull up an entire list of neighborhoods that could be a possible match.

On top of that, we’ll personally show you around and introduce you to the best spots known to Chicago until your mind has been made up. Our Real Estate Agents in Chicago will not stop working until the job is done.

We answer every call and respond to every email to ensure your experience is flawless with our realty.

Best Listings On The Market

Our team of Realtors has the largest collection of up to date listings that are currently on the market. If a property is being sold in Chicago and we think you would find interest in it, we’ll reach out to the homeowners and set up a showing for you.

Simple Real Estate Process

We make the home buying process as simple as 1,2,3 for our clients. Contact our company and we’ll figure out your purchasing power along with homes in the area that match your property requests.

At Chicago Real Estate Agents, We Won’t Stop Until Your Property Needs Are Met

One major principle that our realtor’s standby is the integrity we hold ourselves to for our clients. We want to make sure that we can put you in the perfect home for you and your family at the best price possible. As for real estate investors that contact us or those who plan on selling their property with us, is sold in the fastest time frame possible.

At our Chicago Realtor Firm, we care about our clients and their families well-being. Buying a home shouldn’t be a headache, especially with a strong team like ours on your side. When you’re ready, give us a call at (847)732-9632

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Realtors

If you’re planning on purchasing a home or maybe you’re thinking about selling your current home right now, here is how our real estate agents work.

This section of our site is very important to us since it’s focused solely on how real estate agents work, what is required of us and how we earn our money as licensed professionals. Since we are technically at the forefront of making or breaking your deal, we ask that you pay attention to this portion of our website.

Most Real Estate Agents Are Commission Based

Most agents get paid through commissions and will only receive a payment if they are able to successfully sell your home. A commission is broken down by a percentage of your homes total selling price but in some cases, it can be set at a flat rate. The total commission that an agent can make can be split up into four different payouts. The agents eligible for the commission would be:

  1. The listing agent.
  2. The Listing Broker.
  3. The Buyers Agent.
  4. The Buyers Broker.

Fast, Friendly & Committed.

Our team will work countless hours to make sure that every single request that you may have, is met in a timely manner. If you’re thinking about buying, our team will gather as many open listings that are on the Chicago market and if possible, we will arrange as many showings as we can.

If our Chicago Real Estate Agents can’t find the right home, apartment, duplex or property that matches your needs, we will work for free. We don’t get paid unless you’re able to find the home of your dreams.

A majority of our listings are sold above face value and in record time. If you’re interested in buying or selling in the greater Chicago area, don’t hesitate to call us today at (847)732-9632 for a free home evaluation or real estate property viewing.

Have you recently found an interest in “Selling My Home As Is In Chicago“? If so, our team can help you throughout the process and make it as simple as submitting a cash offer and closing within 7 days.

Everything Home Buyers Need to Know About the Chicago Real Estate Market

If you look across a variety of sectors, from real estate to the tech world, people are talking about how Chicago is growing.

If you plan on looking to get involved in the Chicago real estate market, a little bit of guidance is sure to yield huge returns in a short period of time. Our Chicago Real Estate Agents can help you throughout the process. If you’re looking to buy, you’re going to find prices cheaper than just about any major metropolitan city in the US.

Before you invest, get to know what’s going on in Chicago. Here are four things you have to know about Chicago before you start investing.

1. Prices are Climbing

In Chicago, real estate prices have been going up at a steady pace. In the last few years, there has been much growth that has hit as high as 9-10% per year. While this kind of growth won’t last forever, there’s a sure bet that if you get a deal, you’ll see its value go up in a short time.

Increases in prices indicate that the market is stable and robust. While there’s plenty of supply, the demand is constant. For renters, buyers, and sellers alike, there’s a lot of room to move in this market. With much growth in just about every neighborhood in the city, there are few bad decisions you could make in Chicago real estate.

If you’re looking to just invest in properties to sell, you’ll find that your assets will grow no matter where you invest. Choose a neighborhood you like and care about and start buying up properties there. You’ll see your value go up quickly in the current market.

2. The Communities are Broad and Diverse

If you’re new to the Chicago area, you should get to know the lay of the land. With nearly 3 million people living in the city across more than 70 different neighborhoods, there’s a lot to get to know in the city.

Every region has its own particular style, parks and public works that make it unique. What’s missing in one neighborhood will likely be found just next door in the next neighborhood. The way that Chicago’s neighborhoods complement one another is like nowhere else in the U.S.

As each neighborhood sees growth, the neighborhoods next to it will see growth as well. In recent years, there has been a lot of growth near the Red and Blue Line stations on the north side. Growth has gradually spread out from these centers with values dropping off the further you are from the station.

With a lot of demographic and cultural diversity across the city, there’s something to love about every area. Whether you’re interested in the culture or the history of the city, you’ll find a lot to learn around every corner of the city.

3. Being Close To The Loop Isn’t Everything

If you’re looking to invest in spaces that are valuable, you’ll find penthouse condos in the loop that go as high as $30 million apiece. However, unless you’ve got a buyer in your pocket ready to get that property from you, you won’t find that those properties indicate much. What they do suggest is that the real estate market in Chicago is alive and well.

If you’re looking for places that will grow as you invest in them, look into the neighborhoods that lie further from the loop or near the more popular areas.

As the city continues to grow, more families will want to find affordable places to live outside of the hip areas. Regions like Ravenswood and Avondale and Bridgeport have lots of affordable properties for families or for people who want to rent out space. As more people move to the city, proximity to the loop will matter less.

With more than 70% of workers spending their days outside of a traditional office, more people are working from home or co-working spaces. In order to make space for these non-traditional workers, workspaces are opening up outside of the loop, in abandoned industrial buildings and commercial sectors.

4. Buying Is Cheaper Than Renting

If you’re looking at the real estate market in a city like New York, you’ll find quickly that buying a home just isn’t as practical as renting. While not everyone wants to be relegated to renting for the rest of their life, it’s not always a bad idea if you don’t have millions in the bank.

However, in Chicago, buying a home is still cheaper than renting one. The slow growth in home prices compared to the rapid growth of rent prices has made it a buyer’s market. If you have the capital to pay for a space to rent out, you should consider buying a house like that.

While you might still have to work while your investments grow, having the passive income you can get from collecting rent is priceless. If you happen to find a place that you can also live in, you’ll be saving on your own cost of living on a daily basis.

With the amount of new construction in the city, prices are becoming more and more affordable for the average middle-class working person. If you take the time to save, you’ll be able to pick up one of these units or one of these buildings to work on building your wealth with.

Home prices are sure to remain affordable for years to come in every area of Chicago.

The Chicago Real Estate Market is Hot

If you’re considering investing in the Chicago real estate market, the time to do it is now. Rather than waiting for things to get any hotter, get in now before the prices climb out of reach. Your investments are sure to give you some serious returns in less time than it takes to get to Wrigley Field and back.

For tips on making a profit in real estate, check out our latest guide.

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